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Boca Raton ━━━
Boynton Beach ━━  Delray Beach ━━
Greenacres ━━
Boca Raton is known for its high value homes, incredible parks, beaches and golf courses. You can expect luxurious living in gated communities, golf course views and amazing home features, inside and out. Boca is one of the countries most desired locations, so the homes for sale have a median price of $350,000.
Boynton Beach is known for its center of commerce, easy access to both West Palm Beach and Boca Raton and its family friendly atmosphere. From nature trails to public beaches all the homes for sale in Boynton Beach are a great place to raise a family. The median price of homes for sale in Boynton Beach is $264,000
Beautiful Delray Beach is the jewel of southern Palm Beach county. With a picturesque downtown, sports complexes and amazing beach access Delray has something for everyone. Amazing food and dining experiences can only be matched by the breadth of real estate opportunities in Delray. Median home price is $225,000.Greenacres was founded as a “Good Place to Live” in 1926. A “Tree City USA” since 1992, Greenacres has demonstrated a commitment to plant and maintain trees in public spaces. With great school options, Greenacres is the perfect place to raise a family. The median price for a home in Greenacres is $191,000
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  Gulf Stream ━━
━ Highland Beach ━━
  Jupiter ━━
  Lake Worth ━━
Gulf Stream is exclusively a residential and recreational town providing its residents and visitors an understated elegant experience. The luxurious homes and villas for sale in Gulf Stream are all unique because of development restrictions. The median home value in Gulf Stream is $1,497,595.
Highland Beach is a residential community composed of approximately 80% retirees and 20% employees of businesses in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. A wonderful place to retire or have a winter vacation home. The median value of homes for sale is $214,000 in Highland Beach.
Northern Palm Beaches finest destination for outdoor activities, boating and fine dining with famous residents. Jupiter is a fast growing city with high property values. Jupiter includes one of the highest value zip codes in the country and the median home value for sale in Jupiter is $414,000.
A bohemian paradise, Lake Worth Florida is an artists dream. From the letter streets and dedicated art district of downtown to the mansions on private lakes, Lake Worth has something for everyone. Lake Worth can be your ideal home base. The median price of homes for sale is $224,000 in Lake Worth.
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  Lantana ━━
  Lighthouse Point
  Loxahatchee ━━
  Manalapan ━━
The Town of Lantana is a coastal community in Palm Beach County which still retains the charm of its origins as an old Florida fishing village. Lantana’s recreational facilities include  745 feet of ocean frontage,  seven parks, a recreation center a fishing pier and a public kayak park. The median home value of homes is $244,000.Lighthouse Point is a small suburb of Fort Lauderdale tucked in beautiful Broward County, Florida with  plots of land and large picturesque beautiful homes. The town got its name from the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, located at nearby Hillsboro Beach. The median home’s value for sale is $500,250 in LightHouse Point.Loxahatchee is perhaps the most rural area within proximity to West Palm Beach, with lot sizes ranging from 1-20 acres. It is notable for loose land restrictions and the native and exotic animal presence. If you want a large parcel of land and like animals then Loxahatchee is the place to be. The median home value is $550,000.Manalapan is a small and quiet inlet island community dedicated to maintaining exceptional levels of service and controlled conservative outlook on development.  Large plots and homes with amazing views and water access in Palm Beach County comes with the  median price of $2,259,580.
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━  Ocean Ridge - Palm Beach Gardens -
━━  Parkland ━━
- Town Of Palm Beach -
Ocean Ridge occupies the southern end of Manalapan, in Southern Boynton Beach. The 1,675 year round residents of Ocean Ridge describe the Town as low-key, low-density and low profile.  This island community has large beach facing homes and lots with the median value of homes for sale in Ocean Ridge is $1,387,000.Palm Beach Gardens is a premiere community in which to live and work, founded on the principle of a “garden city”.  Millions of dollars worth of trees were planted in the city to promote healthy growth and outdoor living. A great place to raise a family and to both live and work. The median value of homes for sale is $391,000
Parkland is an upscale suburb of Fort Lauderdale known for its pristine parks, manicured bike paths and strict zoning laws. Large sweeping lots with impressive homes on them is what you will find for sale in Parkland.  Parkland is a perfect place to raise a family or to retire. The median value of homes for sale in Parkland is $630,000.9,000 citizens make Palm Beach their year-round home, and about 20,000 more have a seasonal home in Palm Beach where they enjoy the winter months. Residents donate more money per capita to charities than any other community in America. The median value of homes for sale in the Town of Palm Beach is $1,235,255.
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━  Royal Palm Beach
━  Westlake 
━  West Palm Beach 

Royal Palm Beach, a “Tree City USA” and designated bird sanctuary has set a high standard of 10 acres of parkland per 1,000 residents. For outdoor living and a great place to raise your family, Royal Palm Beach may be your next home. The median price of homes for sale is $318,000

Wellington is known for its abundant parks, quality schools, attractive neighborhoods and equestrian interests. Wellington is an affluent and thriving community that is willing to stake its future on being different. The median price of homes for sale is $466.800.

Westlake is the newest municipality in Palm Beach County, West of Royal Palm Beach and North of Wellington; Westlake is a beautiful area of fast growing business and residential neighborhoods. Hundreds of new homes have been constructed at the median price of $369.000

Some of the best restaurants, live entertainment and waterfront entertainment in Florida. West Palm Beach never fails to provide entertainment and quality food. If you want nightlife and city living then West Palm is for you. The median price of a home for sale is $348,000.

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